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To view a detailed description of each product simply click the photo/logo below the product to be taken directly to that product page. More photos coming soon.


AS-5A Premium Aluminium Side Stand. Suits up to 300mm Tyre Width






AS-5S Aluminium Side Stand Slider






SS-3 Steel Side Stand Budget Model






SS-5A Adjustable Steel Side Stand






SS-5S Steel Side Stand Adjustable Slider






SS-5W Workshop Steel Side Stand






ACS-2 Aluminium Centre Stand. Rated to 200kg






SCS-5 Steel Centre Stand. Rated to 500kg







SCS-4 Steel Centre Stand. Rated to 400kg







SFS-25 Steel Full Skate







AFS-30 Aluminium Full Skate







DS-1 Dirt Bike Dolly Base. Rated to 160kg







DS-2 Dirt Bike Dolly Base. Rated 240kg






DS-3 Dirt Bike Dolly Base with Height Support






STA-6 Show BIke Dolly







BikeSkate can be freighted worldwide to your door at very reasonable prices.


For all freight quotes you can use our Contact form and just let us know which product you are interested in and your postcode.

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